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Mindfulness in your work environment can improve work dynamics, increase productivity / performance and enhance work culture. Learn more.

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The Mindful Coach

I am dedicated to helping you transform your life, by riding the waves of stress, not sinking into them!

READY to get on top of your stress and your life? To become Healthier, Happier, more Connected and increase your Resilience levels?

Hi, my name is Antonia, MBSR qualified, and registered facilitator with MTIA (Mindfulness Training Institute of Australasia).

Antonia Fiteni

Courses & Retreats

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Antonia Fiteni

Introduction to Mindfulness

Antonia Fiteni | Mindfulness Works


I have attended many mindfulness sessions with Antonia including mindfulness, yoga and most recently mindful birthing. She has such a calm presence about her which makes you feel instantly comfortable. Her depth of knowledge is so vast but she also has an amazing way of conveying it in an easy to understand way. She is inspiring and passionate about this incredibly beneficial way of life and instills that passion in you during each and every session. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Antonia as a mindfulness coach, but more specifically to all soon-to-be mothers who want to experience a different way of bringing their baby into the world.

Ash Cebalo | Teacher, Head of Department

Thanks Antonia for your insights, wisdom and careful guidance! Such a lovely breath of fresh air, supportive and helping me to stay on track and reach for my goals! Thank you, thank you!

Amy Amann | Executive Coach

I am so grateful to have completed Antonia's mindful course! It has given me so many new tools and reminded my of a few I'd let fall to the way side. Antonia has a wonderful way of sharing this life altering information so that no matter where you are on your journey you can learn and gain so much more insight into yourself. Highly recommend working with The Mindful Coach!!

Darlene Pearks | Coach / Mentor

I have recently completed Antonia's month long Mindfulness course. She taught me various exercises including breathing, body scan, mindful movement and mindful activity practices and other techniques. This I have greatly benefited from in my daily life and with ongoing practice I hope to stay more in the moment/ present and being aware and focused. Thank you Antonia and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering one of her Mindfulness courses.

Stu Brown | Rural Manager, ASB Bank

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