Mindfulness practices ones skill to increase awareness and enable conscious decision making, action and enhance overall wellbeing.​ Allowing this to positively effect all areas of a persons life including their relationships, work and health - Antonia Fiteni

Antonia Fiteni

Antonia Fiteni is a trained and qualified Mindfulness Educator, Presenter, Founder of The Mindful Coach, Retreat Leader and Facilitator for Mindfulness Works, the largest Mindfulness trainer in Australia and New Zealand.

She is passionate about the benefits of Mindfulness and helping others acquire Mindfulness skills. A little bit more about Antonia...'How can we better serve ourselves to live more conscious, aware lives and enable more wellness? Are we really making decisions that best serve us or are we habitually repeating old and stuck thought and emotional patterns? ​How would your life look differently if you experienced less stress, anxiety and better sleep? If you were able to be really present in the moment with your decision making and to choose more wisely your path of action? Be it decisions with loved ones, in relationships, at work, with exercise or eating!

Education is great, it's the passing on of knowledge; sports and physical activities are great, it keeps the body active and fit; hobbies are great, they inspire creativity and enthusiasm, but conscious, present awareness is priceless! It's a game-changer!You take that everywhere you go and infuse it into your life into everything you do, enhancing what you do to new levels of achievement and satisfaction. Your levels of focus & attention increase and with that, so does your innate ability to make wiser, more caring choices for yourself.

This is the priceless gift of incorporating Mindfulness practices into your life.It enhances what you already have and enables you to have greater trust in yourself.​It's the clearing of the 'fog', re-balancing and supporting yourself to allow the fullest you to shine through.​In whatever way you choose it to shine.The key is being present with awareness to enable conscious decisions.

The practice of Mindfulness can help to facilitate a more grounded, centred you with increased self confidence, self expression, self awareness and increase mental health.It has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, improve sleep and much more. Mindfulness increases awareness of what we are doing &/or saying. It enables a broader awareness so you can get to know yourself better and allows you to be able to respond in life, rather than react to life.'​

Learn More About My Journey

I have always been interested in wellness and wellbeing. Even as a child I understood that being well wasn't just about being physically well, I felt it was something much more than that. I understood that being well was about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Not that I really understood what I was feeling at the time, but I had a deep sense of this and a drive to pursue this to get a clearer picture of what this could look like.

I began to question everything that I had been taught. I experimented with many types of healthy diets, yoga practices and meditations.

My meditation practice started when I was at university. I was feeling stressed about my studies and exams. My GP at the time recommended I start meditating. So I bought a book and started meditating! That was my first introduction to my mind and inner world.

Next came a serious of physical health challenges in my early 20s. I felt far too young to be experiencing sickness and dis-ease in this way. One of my physical health challenges was incredible lower back pain that stopped me from walking for a while. I had many tests and scans and nothing could be found. I was in agony and no one knew why. Eventually once I was able to walk again pain free, I started going to yoga classes. I have gained many, many physical health benefits from practicing yoga but the most profound practice for me was meditation. Meditation took me beyond the physical movement of the body, beyond the calming of the mind, to a broader awareness of myself and life.

By this time I had moved to New Zealand and started on a journey of experimenting, researching and reading a lot of books! I had a thirst for knowledge about the link between the mind, mental health and wellbeing.

I kept up my meditation practice and began to see things from a much clearer, calmer, broader, brighter perspective regardless of the situation, whether it was good, bad, easy or difficult. I began to find my own unique balance.

This led to greater self awareness and acceptance of myself, which led to greater connection to others. My self talk became kinder and more caring. Which in turn allowed me to feel more acceptance and compassion towards others. 

The way out...is in.
It's an inside-job!

Its a learning process, a new set of tools, the journey leads ever onwards.
I've gained a lot of insights on the way that I would like to share with others.
I hope to meet you soon.

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