Mindful Coaching

Option 1

1-1 Mindful Coaching (60 mins)

Time to talk about what is going on for you and together with Antonia design some mindfulness activities that can support you. Usually, clients come for stress, anxiety, health, not sleeping, can't focus or concentrate or to stop the over thinking mind. As well as many other reasons.

Meetings are via Skype or Zoom.

Option 2

1-1 Mindful Coaching (4 weeks)

1:1 Mindful Coaching is available on a 4 week programme.  I will use a combination of Mindfulness & Visualisation Techniques, to create awareness and the ability to access conscious decision making, to help you move forward successfully, in whatever area in your life you wish too. I will support and mentor you in your personal growth and goal-setting.

Mindful Coaching is for clients who want coaching, mentoring, support to be empowered, break-through, move forward and achieve a new level of awareness and goals in life. Whether that be weight management, more mindful relationships or work related, the list goes on…

4 hour Coaching Package, once a week for 4 weeks, get in contact to book.

Meetings are via Skype or Zoom.

Health is relative and very personal. It may be that you feel grounded and balanced in yourself but have physical health issues to deal with, for example weight management. Or that you are physically well and at your ideal weight, however you feel stressed, anxious or overworked. Aiming for whole health means that you are reaching (or working towards) all the goals in your life for your overall wellbeing & wellness. And from that place, you really stand in your power!

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